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We’re experts in employee benefits, especially for the motorcoach and transportation sector, helping to cut costs and deliver top-notch service.
Here’s how we make things better:
We mix creativity with accuracy to make sure everything works smoothly. Our skills stand out in creating solutions that make things simpler and easier.
We’re all about using the latest tech to improve health benefits, always keeping our clients happy and our operations top-notch.

Deliver personalized coverage and exceptional service via Driving Choice™

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs) enable employers to allocate tax-free funds for employees to purchase individual plans. This shift echoes the move from pension plans to 401(k)s in retirement planning, where employers contribute funds and employees choose how to use them.

Our Driving Choice™ ICHRA offerings ensure that both employers and employees benefit from personalized advice and assistance from our health benefits specialists.

driving choics by ABA healthcare

Explore Better Options

Step outside the usual group plan! We guide you through superior health benefit choices for your organization.

Serve Employees Better

Our licensed consultants, benefits advisors, and customer success representatives provide support to your organization and employees throughout the process. We don’t stop there.  You get support 24/7 365 days a year.


Superior Coverage For Less

We empower you to take full control of your health benefits and costs, guiding you to select a healthcare solution that aligns with your organization and employees’ needs.

Better Benefits™

Our team of trained Personal Health Advocates are skilled at deciding the right course of treatment, understanding care options, and resolving billing issues for your employees.  FREE for all clients of ABA Heathcare Benefits.

Blue Bus Healthcare™

Finally, affordable pay-as-you-go healthcare benefits for part-time and seasonal employees.

Drive-HR Compliance™

From HR to compliance, we’ve got you.  FREE for all clients of ABA Healthcare Benefits.

Client Testimonials

ABA Healthcare showed us how to fix our costs and provide more choices for our employees. The cherry on top is that we save $180,000 annually, and our employees couldn’t be happier with their new benefits.

Terry Fisher
Transportation Charter Services

ABA Healthcare got us out of the insurance business, so we can focus on growing our business, not shopping for insurance plans.
Greenlight couldn’t afford traditional group healthcare. We were able to design a plan that was both affordable and fixed the costs to safeguard against future rate increases.

Jeff Warren
Green Light Group Tours

I had already fired our benefits broker mentally when ABA Healthcare Benefits called. It was a simple decision.

Lea McSott
Voigt’s Motorcoach Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to wait until our group health renewal?

No, we can set up your plan anytime.

Why hasn’t our broker told us about this?

Traditional group benefits brokers may need to learn about the changes to the tax code and new laws that expanded HRAs (in existence since 2002) to include Individual Coverage HRAs in 2020. Furthermore, most brokers need more experience, proper licensing and certifications, technology, staff, and a call center with licensed benefit advisers to enroll employees, provide year-round concierge services, and administer HRAs effectively.

What size employers do you work with?

Small to mid-size employers with two or more employees.

We don’t have health benefits. What will this cost us?

We can work with almost any budget. Generally speaking, $250/month per employee is a good starting point.

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